Podcast review by BoardGameBrothers (Dutch)

Hello, fellow Bad Samaritan,

A few days ago we received a lovely review by BoardGameBrothers, a podcast located in The Netherlands!

You can check out the podcast here:

Mind you it’s an hour-long Dutch podcast, but still, great fun to listen!

In summary for those of you that would like to know the review but don’t have time to watch:
+ Great artwork
+ Awesome game at a party
+ Surprisingly fun
– You have to be into these sort of quick-paced card games to love it.

If you’re not following BoardGameBrothers yet, you can find them on Facebook and Instagram.

We thank them again for this lovely review and hope they enjoy playing the game more often.

Meet the makers

It all started when Gils decided to create a superhero based card game. The idea was to have a game based on scenarios (problems) and having superpowers in your hand that you would need to solve them. With his very twisted brain, Gils quickly created cards that didn`t fit in a game of heroes. It was soon decided that this was not a game of justice but a game of injustice!

Vincent joined the team because of his many years of experience as an illustrator and graphic designer. The two cousins decided to catch up, and when Vincent played the game, he was hooked and couldn’t resist drawing such an artistic game.


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