Valentina, First architect, mother of demons and destroyer of men

Present time

Valentina felt bad for laying waste to half the male population, not because she feels sorry for the men, but mostly because it seems she left the useless half. She has dedicated most of her time to be an inspiration to women.

Origin story

As the first architect, Valentina built a world suitable for demon life. Demons started pouring in through portals all around the world. Since all demons are females, they were disgusted by how dominant the male population was at the time. After seeing all the violence and suppression of women, Valentina ordered her demons to show those men… Who runs the world. After the fact, most of her demons felt terrible about the deed and disconnected to this world. After eating lots of chocolate and giant tubs of Ice cream to mask their bad feelings, most of the demons retreated home.

Recruitment into the Bad Samaritans

The Chimp was scared to face Valentina, and so it was up to Dark Ducky to convince her to join the cause. The two bonded quite well, both being dark and magical. Valentina joined the Bad Samaritans and took a liking to the fact that everything goes.


After every turn, all other players throw a dice. If it lands on a 1 that player dies. Draw 2 cards every time someone dies from this ability.

Tip: After every scenario, players that throw a 1 with one dice die. Every time someone dies, you draw two cards. You’ll most likely have a target on your back since no one likes dying. 




Meet the makers

It all started when Gils decided to create a superhero based card game. The idea was to have a game based on scenarios (problems) and having superpowers in your hand that you would need to solve them. With his very twisted brain, Gils quickly created cards that didn`t fit in a game of heroes. It was soon decided that this was not a game of justice but a game of injustice!

Vincent joined the team because of his many years of experience as an illustrator and graphic designer. The two cousins decided to catch up, and when Vincent played the game, he was hooked and couldn’t resist drawing such an artistic game.


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