Sparkle the Thundergod

Present time

Most people aren’t aware that all unicorns are evil underneath all that cuteness. Sparkle is even worse than all those unicorns since she is also… a vampire.

Origin story

Sparkle grew up as a happy Thundergod in the unicorn kingdom. The unicorns had their world where they lived high up in the clouds. Because unicorns are super greedy, this world didn’t last as they ate and used up all the natural resources. The unicorns finally left their world in the clouds to live amongst humans; during this time, vampires were still real and living amongst us. Humans loved the unicorns, thinking they were cute, but when people weren’t looking, they ate whatever they could find; children, lawn chairs, tents, dogs. People considered Sparkle to be the cutest amongst the unicorns, even though he used his powers of thunder to electrify any who would pet him. One night, Sparkle landed on a graveyard looking to ransack anything he could eat, he thought he felt a hand grabbing his leg. Angry about being touched yet again, Sparkle used his thunder to electrify the entire graveyard. Suddenly vampires popped out of their graves and attacked, Sparkle was bitten but managed to get away. She was no longer the same and turned vampire whenever she got angry.

Recruitment into the Bad Samaritans.

The Chimp learned about Sparkle through rumoured stories and managed to find her finally. Surprisingly it didn’t take her much convincing to join the Bad Samaritans. Since unicorns are evil, promising Sparkle a contest where everything goes must have been the right trigger. After a few competitions, the Bad Samaritans made a rule that electrifying people you’ve saved negates your points.


Draw a card every time you play an electric power. Every time you die from a spell, draw a card instead.

 Tip: This effect cancels you dying from spells; you can still die from all the other cards. The ability means you can be riskier when playing spells that can backfire and result in you dying.



Meet the makers

It all started when Gils decided to create a superhero based card game. The idea was to have a game based on scenarios (problems) and having superpowers in your hand that you would need to solve them. With his very twisted brain, Gils quickly created cards that didn`t fit in a game of heroes. It was soon decided that this was not a game of justice but a game of injustice!

Vincent joined the team because of his many years of experience as an illustrator and graphic designer. The two cousins decided to catch up, and when Vincent played the game, he was hooked and couldn’t resist drawing such an artistic game.


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