Loud & Obnoxious Courtney

Present time

Courtney is a gun-slinging loudmouth that kicks ass and takes names. She runs her own company, a gun brand named; Glorious Betch.

Origin story

Courtney grew up with bikers and has learnt that being the loudest, most obnoxious in the room is a sign of strength and that guns protect our children. Courtney took over the biker gang from her family when she turned fourteen. Under her, the biker gang became the number one gang for bikers that loved disturbing the peace. Courtney even got a reality TV show following her. The show was named Loud & Obnoxious bikers and gave Courtney the famous nickname; Loud & Obnoxious Courtney.

Recruitment into the Bad Samaritans

Courtney was one of four Bad Samaritans to join the cause initially. The Chimp promised her unlimited guns and bad guys to shoot at as well allowing her to shoot at her fellow Bad Samaritans. That along with being able to be as loud and vulgar as she wanted was enough to join the Bad Samaritans.


Every time you get targeted by a spell, you may choose to discard 2 cards from your hand and destroy the spell. You must be very loud and obnoxious while doing so.  

Tip: This skill can be costly, make sure to save it for when it matters.



Meet the makers

It all started when Gils decided to create a superhero based card game. The idea was to have a game based on scenarios (problems) and having superpowers in your hand that you would need to solve them. With his very twisted brain, Gils quickly created cards that didn`t fit in a game of heroes. It was soon decided that this was not a game of justice but a game of injustice!

Vincent joined the team because of his many years of experience as an illustrator and graphic designer. The two cousins decided to catch up, and when Vincent played the game, he was hooked and couldn’t resist drawing such an artistic game.


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