Chief Skullcrusher the great of the Octopusssy-clan

Present time

All the animals fear chief Skullcrusher, in the sea, the land and the grave. Whenever he sees a fellow animal, he skulks his way towards it and goes… Kikkaboo! 

Origin story

Chief Skullcrusher was born underwater, in a kingdom of water people. Their leadership split up between four clans, the Octopussy-clan, the Crabby-clan, the Fishy-clan and Bill’s-clan (who named all their children Bill). An outbreak of an underwater disease forced them to leave their homes and find a new home on solid ground. Chief Skullcrusher, leader to the Octopussy-clan, led his people to take the natives land, which didn’t prove that difficult seeing his enormous size and scary look that scared even the most terrifying animal. The Crabby-clan got jealous of the Octopussy-clan leading the people and planned hostile actions in secret. Chief Skullcrusher and his clan managed to fight them off once they attacked, but the civil unrest was too high, as they broke off from each other to join the human world. 

Recruitment into the Bad Samaritans

It all started when The Chimp wanted to make their own sushi. The small group of Bad Samaritans decided to look for some quality markets nearby that sold all manner of seafood and fish. They weren’t even inside the market yet when they see a massive octopus resting in a pond of water. The Chimp decides to catch the octopus since free calamari would be too tempting. He throws a net over the octopus; suddenly the creature stands up and reveals a massive angry octopus man with an extreme fear-inspiring look. The Chimp makes haste running away from him, but an angry Skullcrusher manages to catch up to him and gives him a few hard slaps. The rest of the Bad Samaritans, watch, laugh and pat Skullcrusher on the back for his actions. To make sure The Chimp never forgets this beatdown, the group invites Chief Skullcrusher to join the cause. 


Draw a card every time someone plays a card to do with an animal, fish or dead animal in any way. 

Tip: Whenever you can reason a card that you or someone else plays has to do with an animal, fish or dead animal in any way, make sure to have your arguments ready. You might have to convince your peers more than once per game.





Meet the makers

It all started when Gils decided to create a superhero based card game. The idea was to have a game based on scenarios (problems) and having superpowers in your hand that you would need to solve them. With his very twisted brain, Gils quickly created cards that didn`t fit in a game of heroes. It was soon decided that this was not a game of justice but a game of injustice!

Vincent joined the team because of his many years of experience as an illustrator and graphic designer. The two cousins decided to catch up, and when Vincent played the game, he was hooked and couldn’t resist drawing such an artistic game.


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